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Would you like to have your academic work for the University of Southern California professionally written? USC essay writing service has a pool of specialized writers from various academic fields. We develop custom sample tests tailored to your needs and conduct deep research to ensure that all areas are covered. We have more than 1,500 American tested and approved writers and working with clients in over 30 countries. Our platform is one of the fastest growing in thesis writing, editing, and proofreading, academic and course work writing. Our order placement process is less than 5 Minutes.

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To be an excellent writer, you need to balance your involvement and your objectivity. We save you the trouble by appointing an editor who takes a position and discusses it with confidence and remains detached from the trap of argumentation. Any test must be dignified, professional, and relevant. Ordering from us gives you an assurance that an expert will handle and deliver 100% unique and correct paper before you even logging into your account to download it. If your paper needs some changes, do not worry. Each order includes free revisions!

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Before placing an order, we attach great importance to high professional standards, as well as customer satisfaction. We uphold a good reputation as a platform. We can argue your dissertation topic fluently, as an opponent while offering the same credibility, authority, and dignity. Our editors strive to write quality papers and modify areas that might need adjustments during the review period for our students’ convenience and satisfaction.

In case you need any assistance, you can reach out to a dedicated support team. Privacy; our clients’ privacy on all orders placed at our website is guaranteed. We never share or disclose names or contact information and our secure servers protect credit card information.

We are committed to saving your time

When we step in, we want you to relax and know that your order will be delivered on time. We never miss a deadline to give you time to review the work and submit it on time. Whilst we honor the deadline, our writers will not overlook details that might affect the quality or leave incomplete ideas hanging. You probably have many other concerns or a busy lifestyle, but this task requires a lot of attention and time. Why not let us relieve you the unnecessary pressure that assignments bring. We know you want more details on how to order your tests, the ordering process, its feasibility, confidentiality, and other steps. We help you all the way!

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We help you get the most out of your order and that’s our guarantee. EssayBoss has a simple ordering process to get you exactly what you want. You can quickly and securely log in to our platform and easily send a message to the editor or writer on your mobile phone. We incorporate components that allow you to get quality content, but the overall process is easy to follow:

  • Place an order
  • We assign a writer
  • Value checks by internal editors
  • Download the final version
  • Revision (if necessary)

To write, an author works hard to establish, first of all, a structured methodical procedure. Every order has its own peculiarity and requirements that set apart. We put into account things that professors look for when marking and grading. The requirement evaluation process helps us formulate the execution. This the core starting point of our ghostwriters. From this point and with precision the work can now be handled.
At USC you are not only getting content developed for a temporary period. Our writers are familiar with copyright transfer as well. Once you have your work written, it is certain that nobody else can claim ownership. That is the essence we put a cross for our writers to observe.

The support of our ghostwriters is many in forms and the extent you need our help depends on an individual Do you have little time and want to prepare other exams? Then, let our authors help with most of the work. This way, be able to formulate the essay, do an oral presentation of the assignment or, generally get a better grasp of the topic in question. You can contact the writers for questions or problems or any aid you might need to facilitate standard delivery. As an assurance policy, you are allowed to ask for drafts so you can gauge progress.

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At the beginning of the collaboration with one of our writers, the specific problematic approaches of the task to be carried out will be presented as a central point. Here you specify the type of writing, subject discipline, deadline, number of pages, type of reference, among other details.

From the details presented, we will share with you the experts from our portfolio of authors who will have the competence to tackle your order. Before you receive a complete submission from us, it will be submitted to professionals for scrutiny where specialized corrections will be made. Revisions are based on content structure, grammar, the flow of thought and argumentative structures that are not very precise; as well as a plagiarism control.

From our end, we will safeguard you in accordance with the law of data protection and discretion. All charges are indicated before an order is processed to avoid any hidden fees later on. We are an open platform whose main objective is to serve our clients without bias.

Passing and graduating in education institutions is every learner’s dream.  From the admission or application composition to the thesis, well-written assignments play a huge role in getting good grades. You may have the knowledge and support materials but it takes dedication and time to put all things in one draft. If you can mitigate the risk of failing or a lower grade, why not take it? USC is stepping in to offer a helping hand by ensuring that your assignment is 100% unique, well-researched, carefully written and done on time without you breaking the bank.